As front-line leaders at the worksite, NAGE stewards are required to wear many hats. They are problem solvers, educators, and communicators. And, most importantly, they are organizers. The Stewards Handook outlines stewards' various duties and responsibilities in the workplace.

Your Role As Steward: The Basics
Get the basics about what you need as a steward, what your protections and duties are, and how to welcome new workers to the job.
  Your Role As Steward
  Things You Should Have
  Steward Protections
  Fairness To ALL
  Your Duties As Steward
  Welcoming New Members

Talking to Your Co-Workers
The how-to of explaining NAGE and how we work as a union, explaining our dues system, and what a difference the union makes.
  Explaining about Dues
  What Difference Does a Union Make?

Problem-Solving 101
What do you do when confronted with a problem. This section teaches how to identify problems, what you have a right-to-know as steward, how to analyze the problem, and working with management to resolve issues quickly.
  Introduction to Problem-Solving

Your Role As Steward: In-Depth
So, you've got a dispute in your workplace that's not going away easily. Stewards wear many hats, and have lots of tools at their disposal to resolve issues short of filing formal grievances.

Disputes and Grievances: Rights, Procedures and Best Practices
For the occasions when meetings between management and a member can lead to discipline or a grievance, read the step-by-step of the members' (and your) rights, and how to formally craft grievances to reach the right resolution for workers.

Glossary and Bibliography
Read about NAGE's terminology and supporting information to find out more.
Representation Requirements & Tips
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