• Why NAGE is the Right Choice for VA Employees
    .Check out our newest video from our members at the VA and find out why so many VA employees chose NAGE. Pleas...
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  • NAGE / IBPO Donates to Fallen Police Families
    NAGE / IBPO has donated $10,000 to “Assist the Officer” an organization whose proceeds go the families of ...
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  • Families clash outside courthouse

    BRIDGEPORT - It was pandemonium outside the Main Street courthouse Friday morning, people beating each othe...
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  • IBPO Members Assist in Donating $6k to Cancer Patients
    Cops for Kids with Cancer, Springfield police union donate $6K to 2 city famil...
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Captain Thomas Dolan Inducted Into Criminal Justice Hall of Fame... Captain Thomas Dolan, member of IBPO Local 307, was recently inducted into the Rhode Island Crimin...
IBPO Officer Called to RNC... Police Officer Jason Rose from Boise, Idaho, was called to the Republican National Convention this...
IBPO Local 638 President Saves Man From Drowning.. Glocester Police Officer, and IBPO local 638 President Jeffrey Jenison saved a life when he pulled...
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Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected. - Samuel Gompers
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