Member Benefits for You and Your Family You and your fellow officers joined the union to gain a voice on the job, respect in your deaprtment, and a good contract. But did you know this collective strength also has an impact in the marketplace?

As an IBPO member or retiree, you and your family have access to a number of programs, discounts, and benefits. From scholarship programs to help you fulfill your college dreams, to online university courses, to discounts on prescriptions and computers, your family will find savings opportunities around every corner.

IBCO Legal Services

The IBCO offers its members legal services that include:

Representation on work-related matters in which correctional officers must appear before third parties on grievances when they have been charged with violations on the job

Representation on matters that result from members acting within the scope of their authority as correctional officers

A team of dedicated staff labor attorneys who specialize in labor affairs that reviews current cases and changes in labor law that affect correctional officers on the job

An attorney-of-the-day service that can quickly assess a situation and offer legal guidance during normal business hours

Representation on work-related matters when other legal authorities are involved in the investigation

Access to a legal network at reduced rates for non-job-related issues like wills, home closings, family matters, etc.

Outside counsel when the IBCO General Counsel believes it best serves the interest of members

The IBCO does not represent correctional officers on criminal matters when (a) they are not acting within the scope of their authority as correctional officers; (b) admit guilt to a crime or desire to reach a plea agreement to settle a criminal affair


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