Every day, elected officials make decisions that affect your job, your benefits and your security. That’s why it's critical that we build political strength and unity among our membership.

One of the most effective ways to build a coalition of political power and make a true difference in politics is to put our dollars together to elect candidates who will support and promote our legislative agenda.

What is COPE?
COPE, the Committee On Political Education, is a voluntary political action fund that supports our political and legislative activities. COPE contributions are used to support grassroots lobbying efforts and help elect local, state and federal candidates who support the collective bargaining agreements, issues and concerns of our members.

Why should I contribute?
Every day, politicians make decisions that affect our members, and one of the most effective ways to build a coalition of political power is to put our dollars together to help elect candidates who will aggressively support and promote our legislative agenda. When politicians we endorse win on Election Day, we all win at the bargaining table.

Why is NAGE involved in politics?
Collective bargaining agreements, wages, benefits and job security are negotiated and/or overseen by elected officials. In order to protect our best interests, we must be involved with electing these representatives—especially in the current fiscal environment where public employees are being increasingly targeted by politicians bent on layoffs, cutbacks and downsizing.

Why should we give politicians money?
We need to make sure that the pro-NAGE, pro-labor politicians win. Remember, as a public employee, you ultimately have the power to hire and fire your boss at election time. When you win on Election Day, you win at the bargaining table.

How will my contribution protect my job?
Every COPE contribution goes directly to help NAGE promote the rights of our members—their compensation, their job security, their union protections. In addition, they provide NAGE the resources to inform and educate the public and elected officials about the detrimental effects of budget cuts and employee layoffs. In short, your COPE contribution strengthens NAGE's political and legislative agenda, giving you and all members a powerful voice at all levels of government.

How does NAGE use COPE contributions?
Contributions are used to support pro-NAGE candidates and voter registration and education. Contributions may also be used to promote legislation that protects NAGE members and influences policy decisions that affect your job, your family, and your future. A portion of the contributions is earmarked for pro-NAGE federal candidates in Congressional and U.S. Senate races.

Who can contribute to COPE?
Any active or retired member in good standing, as well as NAGE employees and their families, may contribute to COPE.

Is it true that we support only Democrats? NAGE is not a "one-party" union. 

NAGE supports the politicians who care about our issues and our families, whether that politician is a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent.

The bottom line is, we're with you if you're with us.
The American Labor Movement has consistently demonstrated its devotion to the public interest. It is, and has been, good for all America. - John F. Kennedy
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