Mar 30, 2015

NAGE/IBPO President: “Congress, Stop Attacking Federal Workers”

Last week the House and Senate approved budget proposals that, if enacted through future appropriation legislation, will severely impact federal employees.  Now that both proposals have been approved, the House and Senate will work on a unified budget through conference committee and plan to approve a final budget in April. While the budget is not law, it is the framework for appropriations bills that will be drafted throughout the year.  Negative provisions of the budget proposals include but are not limited to:
  • Increases in current employee contributions for retirement with no increases in benefits
  • Reduction in size of the federal workforce through attrition
  • Changes to the rate of return for the TSP G Fund
  • Changing the FEHB plan to a voucher plan
  • Blocking awards for employees who owe taxes
NAGE/IBPO strongly opposes all budget provisions that negatively impact hard-working federal employees, who have already contributed more than any other group to deficit reduction through pay freezes, unpaid furloughs, and increased retirement contributions for new hires.  NAGE National President David J. Holway urges Congress to remove these provisions attacking federal employees from appropriations bills.
“Enough is enough. Why are federal workers always the ones who have to sacrifice?  It’s time for Congress to find another way to balance the budget. If Congress continues these attacks on middle-class Americans, how will the federal government recruit and maintain a high quality workforce to provide the services the public expects?”

President Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that continues sequestration spending cuts. Additionally, any legislation that significantly impacts the Affordable Care Act is also likely subject to the president’s veto.  NAGE/IBPO will continue to update you as new information on this matter becomes available.

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