Apr 24, 2015

House Fails to Pass H.R. 1563

NAGE is pleased to announce that on April 15, 2015, members of the House failed (266-160) to pass a measure (H.R. 1563) that would terminate all tax delinquent federal employees. The legislation would also require all federal employment candidates to provide their financial records to confirm that they have paid their taxes. If they were found to be tax delinquent, they would not be considered for the position. 

The majority of Republicans argued in favor of legislation, while many Democrats believed that the legislation unfairly targeted federal employees. 
Federal employees have a high compliance rate when it comes to paying their taxes on time. 97% pay their taxes punctually, compared to the 91% compliance rate of the general public. In 2014, the House tax compliance was 95%, while the Senate’s rate was 96.5%.

To commemorate Tax Day, the House considered a series of tax related measures. This is the second consecutive year similar legislation has failed to pass.

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