Jun 05, 2018

2018 NAGE Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all those who won! Please see the list of scholarship recipients below. 

Cazembe Kennedy son of Renee Kennedy             Local 005
Durward Till husband of Laquanda Till                     Local 005
Amirah Williams daughter of Ambrose Williams Local 001
Rachel Jensen daughter of Paula Jensen                                 Local 008
Renea Spriggs daughter of Virginia Spriggs            Local 078
Ryan Davis son of Debra Dube                    Local 134
Abraham Ferreira son of Thomas Ferreira              Local 144
Ryan Golant Nephew Lynne Korelitz                        Local 019
Nicholas Weigel Son of David Weigel                       Local 032
Samantha Fox Grand-Daughter of Maureen Fiore              Local 125
Caleb Lenihan Son of Lauren Lenihan                       Local 187
Spencer Crook Son of Rick Crook                               Local 167
Megan Leo Self                 Local 167
Jillian Mclaughlin Niece John Mclaughlin                Local 298
Brianna Price Daughter of Robert Price                   Local 799
Brittany Zenga Daughter of Holly Zenga Local 472
Benjamin Grant Son of Kevin Grant                          Local 569
Jamir Ford Son of Nikisha Runner                              Local 035
Jeffrey Zhang Son of Guan Yao Zhang                      Local 207
Erika Williams Self                            Local 066
Bryana Dasilva Daughter of Melissa Dasilva           Local 292
Emily Leonard Daughter of Peter Leonard             Local 168
Ronan King Son of Julia King                        Local 207
Mckenna Bento Daughter of Kimberly Quintal     Local 282
Bianca  McCrary Daughter of Darlene Matthews                Local 13-985
Christina Cardoso Daughter of Luis Cardoso          Local 458
Megan Dingelstedt Daughter of Michael Dingelstedt        Local 343
Sean  Van Demark Son of Darrin Van Demark       Local 343
Nicholas Marchini Son of David Marchini               Local 134
Joseph Serovich Son of Jeffrey Serovich                  Local 343
Adriana Katrina Sanchez Niece Carolina Sanchez                 Local 0292
Shaneece  Hamilton                        Local 292
Charlotte Williams                           Local 282
Murphy Kenny Daughter of Melissa Probst           Local 282
Adam Lee Son of Juliana Lee                        Local 207
Corrine Wilson Neice Elizabeth Welch                     Local 282
Mackenzi Curtin Niece Laura Rober                          Local 282
Jared Lombardi Son of Kyle Lombardi                      Local 292
Daria Johnson Daughter of Jason Johnson             Local 282
Karyme Veliz Gomez Daughther Claudia Gomez Veliz       Local 292
Biruk Gebreamlak self                    Local 207
Tam Lee Spouse of Yuk-Ming  Lee                             Local 207
Danielle  Shay Daughter of Melissa Woodward    Local 292
Kaylee Oconnor Neice of Marjorie Catanoso         Local 207
Brendon Ky Self                                Local 207
Michael  Houllahan Son of Mary Houllahan           Local 207
Nicole Cristoferi-Awalt Daughter of Deven Awalt                Local 207
Jenaysia Joseph Granddaughter of Brenda Dixon                Local 207
Kenneth Niven Son of Elizabeth Niven                     Local 292
Sabrina  Fernandez Daughter of Yvonne Fernandez           Local 308
Shayne Araujo son of John Araujo                             Local 207
Cole McGarty Son of Pamela McGarty                     Local 207
Kathryn Blair Daughter of Carolyn Blair   Local 282
Amanda Howard Daughter of Dianne Howard      Local 207
Helen Phu Niece Alyssa Phu                         Local 282
Madelyn Delgado Daughter of Mayra  Duran        Local 292
Mark Chisolm Nephew William Gilmore                 Local 207
Catherine Huynh Child Cam Huynh                           Local 282
Nicholas Geller Aunt Gina Benevides                       Local 368
Kassidy Mulryne Daughter of Terrence Mulryne Local 343
Brandon Wilson son of Gail Wilson                           Local 207
Amanda Tong Child of Connie Wu                             Local 292
Zackery Furtado Son of Amy Bartle                           Local 292
Ashley Mcnair Husband Jessica Mcnair                   Local 282
Jillian Allard Daughter of Nora Allard                       Local 207
Aidan Brueckner Son of Patricia Davis                      Local 207
Ashley Noel Daughter of Marie  Noel                       Local 207
Stefanie Brewster Self                    Local 282
Linda Mamakos Daughter of Maria Fernandez     Local 207
Fiona Berger Daughter of Sara,Berger                     Local 292
Samantha Noel Daughter of April Noel                  Local 292
Craig Richards Jr Son of Denise Richards                 Local 368
Devin Curley Son of Mary Beth Curley                     Local 282
Andrew Blocksidge Son of Mary Blocksidge           Local 282
Leanne Doherty Daughter of Paul Doherty            Local 207
Michael McDonough Nephew Patricia McManus                Local 207
Tylandre White Son of Christine Brown                   Local 207
India Gooch Fullerton Daughter of Lori Gooch     Local 482
Alejandro Buendia Son of Arthur Buendia              Local 282
Isabella Rozza Mother Leann Rozza                          Local 207
Michael Dinges Son of Katherine Dinges                 Local 282
Kara  Barbolla Niece Leanne Sutera                          Local 292
Ashley Carey Daughter of Ann Achilla                      Local 292
Anthony Bielecki Son of Andrew Bielecki                Local 020
Catherine  Trottt Daughter of Jane Trott                 Local  282
Stephen Harnois Aunt Kathleen Duquette             Local  254
Amari Dias Daughter of Kaiesha Dias                        Local 229
Justin Murphy Stepson Glenn Hogan                       Local 458
Jackson Bernard Son of Mark Bernard                     Local 229
Lidyanette Gonzalez Daughter of Gloria Laboy     Local  229
Matthew McConville son of Cynthia McConville Local 254
Grace George Daughter of Joyce George                Local 118
Marc Conforto Self                          Local 229
Sarah Molloy Niece Beth Cobb                    Local 229
Evan Queenan Son of David Queenan                     Local 229
Wayne Blais Self                               Local 458
James McBreen Son of Susan Tevnan                      Local 229
Jeena Thomas Daughter of Thomas Mathew        Local 206
Sophia Otero Daughter of Michael Otero               Local 731
Christa Ramsey Self                         Local 007

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