Jun 18, 2015

“Bridging the Divide”—IBPO National President and Atlanta Local President Join Town Hall Panel

On Saturday June 13, 2015, NAGE / IBPO National President David J. Holway attended a town hall event in Atlanta, Georgia created by NAGE executive committee member and IBPO Atlanta President Ken Allen and Reverend Markel Hutchins of Atlanta to strengthen the relationship between police and community members.

“Cops & Communities – Bridging the Divide” took place at the Martin Luther King, Jr., International Chapel on the campus of Morehouse College, Dr. King’s alma mater. The event consisted of two discussion panels and included of members of the US Congress, Atlanta City Council members, parents of fallen police officers. President Holway added his perspective with over a decade’s experience advocating for public safety officers.

President Holway added his support for police officers and public safety officials across the country, stating, “Being a police officer has always been a difficult and dangerous job. It’s more dangerous being a police officer now than any other time in history. The Dallas police station was just attacked and they were shot at with hundreds of rounds from assault rifles.”

President Holway thanked IBPO Local 263 President Ken Allen and Reverend Markel Hutchins for putting together such a well-attended event. President Allen added, “I am really pleased to see public safety officers and members of the Atlanta community come together to talk openly about potential problems before they become serious problems. We were able to work together to better the community and I am happy to see others benefit from our work.”

The Atlanta Police Department is also setting up meetings over the next several months with community leaders at Morehouse College in an effort to involve younger members of the community in the ongoing discussion.   

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